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Interactive Projection Mapping

Permanent Installation, Prologis, Tracy, CA

Depth Illusion App

ARCore Face Tracking, Published on Google Play, Open Source

Interactive Mural

Permanent Installation for Alibaba HQ, CA, USA

Immersive Motion Responsive Room

Semi-permanent installation for Capital One HQ, San Francisco, USA

Generative Art Software Tool

Unity3D 2019 Branding

Generative Art Software Tool

Unity3D 2018 Branding
Interactive Storefront Installation for Unity3D HQ, San Francisco, USA

Motion Responsive Experience Booth

Touring experience booth for Adidas. Campaign for Boost

Custom vending machine

Event activation for “Coffee bean to cup” Ad Campaign for Nescafe, Istanbul, Turkey

Interactive LED Floor

IBM’s World of Watson event entrance, Las Vegas, USA

Sound Responsive Lighting Design

Semi-permanent lighting design and implementation for Minimüzikhol, Istanbul, Turkey