The concurrent development of web 2.0 and natural user interfaces (touch or gesture based) created the sense of being omnipresent while diminishing the tactile sensation. Experience is a multi-sensorial phenomenon, thus while sharing commonizes experiences, the essence of these experiences are lost in digitization, which makes the sensation of being omnipresent artificial.

Human-machine interfaces are inspired by human-human-interaction, it would be naive to think that this effect is unidirectional. Touch based interfaces lack tactile feedback, and camera based gesture recognition software does not even deploy any physical interface. Therefore as the way of interaction, dictated by these interfaces, evolve from being a habit to an instinct, human-human-interaction will be affected. Thus it may be foreseen that contact based interaction in social interaction will diminish. The ambiguation of the verb “share” also evolved from these matters.

The project aims to create the simulation of “shared” experiences by dictating the physical contact of multiple users as an interface.

Exhibited at Commons Tense Exhibition, Holland and Germany, and Amber’12 Arts and Technology Festival, Turkey.