Year: 2019

Immersive Motion Responsive Room

Semi-permanent installation for Capital One HQ, San Francisco, USA

Facebook: Data driven chandelier at World Economic Forum

We fabricated these 325 individually addressable ‘pixels’ as edge-lit acrylic and controlled them via FBX 3D objects with animation built in. This build was showcased at Facebook’s pavilion…

Ways of Seeing

Immersive Sound Responsive Environment with AI Powered Self Playing Piano
NOS Visuals X VirtuosoNet, Daejeon Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea


Immersive Responsive Environment
AS-Helix the 5th Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium, National Museum of China, Beijing, China


Coddiwomple from Osman Koç on Vimeo. Coddiwomple means “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”, a nod to the wondering brain. The installation aims to…


Video installation
Sónar+D 2020 AV selection, Istanbul, Turkey

Generative Art Software Tool

Unity3D 2019 Branding

Letter to My Father

Letter to My Father (Excerpts) from Osman Koç on Vimeo. Excerpts from the world premiere performance at the grand opening for the new home of La Jolla Music…


Video installation
Explorations in fluidic behaviors