Unity3D Generative Branding 2019

We developed a new generative art software to be used in the design and production phases of the branding of Unity3D for 2019. The outputs of the software has been used as prints, website banners and animations to count a few places.

After trying out several directions, we decided to more forward with the softbody & cloth physics with the shiny, reflective look.

I like how the movement aspect of it symbolizes how flexible and versatile Unity is, and the surface reflects the environment, the users.

The generative design software has been developed in Unity 2018.2, using an ultra high resolution spherical mesh and heavily relies on the Obi Cloth asset for the cloth physics. As it was recently introduced, we wanted to experiment and utilize the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for the material and rendering.

Marc Cinq-Mars – Creative Director
Osman Koç – Creative Technologist

Splash screen of Unity 2019.x

Youtube banner

GDC 2019 Keynote idle screen

Animated banner for Unite Copenhagen 2019

Unity3D Generative Branding 2018

The generative design software for the 2018 branding of Unity was realized with a collaboration between the design team in Unity and Osman Koç. The outputs of the software has been used as prints in events, website banners, intro animations in keynote speeches, audio and motion reactive visuals, and the splash screen for Unity 2018.

Marc Cinq-Mars – Creative Director
Osman Koç – Creative Technologist
Keijiro Takahashi – Evangelist
Fatbelly Productions – Video Production

Interactive Storefront for Unity HQ from Osman Koç on Vimeo.

Splash screen of Unity 2018

Sound Reactive Rectangular Prims and Infinite Matrix

Minimüzikhol is considered as one of the best night clubs in İstanbul. In 2011, they commissioned Osman Koç and Nerdworking in collaboration for their new lighting design. Using the architectural structure of the venue, and the mirror-tile covered walls, they developed two installations, Sound Reactive Rectangular Prims and the Infinite Matrices. Besides the lighting design, Koç designed and produced the technological infrastructure for the pieces.

Sound Reactive Rectangular Prims* and Infinite Matrix from nerdworking on Vimeo.

Client: Minimüzikhol
Agent: Nerdworking
Role: Lighting Design & Software

The language of silence

Nevra Karaca No7 was awarded as the most successful women’s designer brand by Paris Capital de la Creation’s “Who’s Next” award. Her collection was exhibited in Joyce Gallery, which is one of Paris’ most exclusive art galleries, where NOHLab was commissioned for exhibition design. Osman Koç took part in developing a light installation with NOHLab, that covers the whole exhibition space, by using 60 meters of electroluminescent wires, where Koç was the technical supervisor of the whole process, as well as designing and producing the technological infrastructure for the installation.

Project link

Client: Nevra Karaca No 7
Agent: NOHLab
Role: Technical Supervisor & Installation

Laser Room

For the biggest gsm operator in Turkey, Turkcell, Osman Koç took part in developing an immersive interactive game in collaboration with Nerdworking. It is a 3 meter by 8 meter chamber, with 15 lasers inside which acts like a spy simulation game where the players are trying to get to the end of the chamber while avoiding to trigger any of the lasers. Besides concept development, as a solution partner of Nerdworking, Osman Koç designed and produced all the electronics and software involved for the project. At the premier event, over 100 people played and it has been seen by around 250.000 people. The installation was then used at Crystal Apple Awards (the most prestigious advertising award in Turkey), iPhone 5c launch event, and toured 10 cities as a part of 8th GNCFEST (Turkcell Youth Festival) in 2013.

Client: Turkcell
Agent: Nerdworking
Role: Creative Technologist

Press: Gizmodo

Brain Race

In collaboration with Nerdworking, Osman Koç took part in developing a game called “Brain Race”, where 2 players control the speed of individual slot cars with their brainwaves. The EEG (electroencephalogram) sensor measures the attention level of the users, which manipulates the voltage levels of the rails, and displayed on a screen to provide visual feedback. Besides concept design, the technical realization of the overall project was done by Osman Koç. The game has been rented to many events either through event organization companies, or brands for booth attractions. Some notable events and brands are Digital Marketing Summit, Innovation Week by Turkish Exporters Assembly (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Eskişehir), BriSa and Yapı ve Kredi Bankası.

Brain Race has been featured as an article in TUBITAK’s (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) website, and mentioned in Gizmodo’s (one of the top 10 tech blogs) article named “How We’ll Control The Future With Our Thoughts”.

BrainRace | Brain Controlled Car Race from nerdworking on Vimeo.

Client: Yapı ve Kredi Bankası
Agent: Nerdworking
Role: Creative Technologist

Press: Tübitak, Gizmodo

Land Rover: Engine Sound Based 3D Model Generator

For their official magazine named One Life, Land Rover commissioned NOHLab Design Studio for the visualization from their new engine’s sound, to be used as the cover image of the issue. Osman Koç has developed a software that generates different 3D models based on the frequency values, which is then composited and rendered by NOHLab.

Project Website

Client: Land Rover
Agent: NOHLab
Role: Software Development