Osman Koç is a creative technologist / artist, who uses technology as a medium for expression. Directed by his curiosities, Koç’s works touch many different fields such as cybernetics, artificial intelligence, biosensors, kinetic sculptures, reactive lighting, audiovisual performances and games with alternative physical controllers.

In 2014, he co-founded Iskele47, a multidisciplinary design hub / makerspace in Istanbul, where he experimented, prototyped, taught, consulted, collaborated, made and played. Since 2017 he is continuing his activities in San Francisco, CA.

He is also a member of the visual performance trio NOS Visuals and collaborative network Epitome.

Contact: kocosman[at]gmail.com


 – 2016 Solo Exhibition, A close up of a person holding a pair of scissors, TOZ/Artist Run Space, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2015 “Analog to digital work converter”, Laboro Ergo Sum, Amber Arts and Technology Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2015 “Zugzwang”, Main Exhibition”, One Architecture Week, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
 – 2015 “Hyperpresence”, Waves, Blok Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2015 “Urban Organics” (as Epitome), Plug-in, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2014 “Urban Organics” (as Epitome), Mamut Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2014 “Learn as you teach”, Dreams To Reality, Vitra Contemporary Architecture Series 3, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2013 “A day in life”, Template, International Architecture Biennale of Antalya, Antalya, Turkey
 – 2012 “Hyperpresence”, !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2012 “Corporeal Experiences”, Commons Tense, Todays Art Festival, Den Haag, Holland
 – 2012 “Corporeal Experiences”, Commons Tense, Saarbrucken, Germany
 – 2012 “Corporeal Experiences”, Paratactic Commons, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2011 “Who broke this vase?”, The end of the world, 311 artworks, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2011 “Doppelganger”, Next Ecology, Amber Arts and Technology Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
 – 2011 “Personal Tapestry”, Significance of bio-cultural heritage and identity in contemporary times, – Nomadic Art Camp, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
 – 2011 “Living Istanbul”, Playface Intercult, Vienna, Austria
 – 2009 “Belly Dancing Kit”, Living Istanbul, Bodies of Synthesis, Enghien Les Bains, France
 – 2008 “Aquaphone”, “Belly Dancing Kit”, Interpassive Persona, Amber Arts and Technology Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

Academic Papers

 – HyperPresence: Telepresence via Quantum Cinema, Published at ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts), September 2011, Single author
 – A Field Programmable Gate Array Based Modular Motion Control Platform, Published in Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, ICM 2011, pp:797-802, DOI: 10.1109/ICMECH.2011.5971223, First Author (Koc,O., Naskali,A.T., Kunt,E.D., and Sabanovic,A.)

University Courses

 – Prototyping with Arduino, Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HKBSaar), Germany, January-April 2015

 – Interdisciplinary Approaches In Design, Yeditepe University, Turkey, September-December 2014
 – Physical Interaction Design, Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HKBSaar), Germany, October-December 2013

Book Contributions

 – Scratch ile Arduino, Published by: Abaküs Publishing, 2016, Foreword by Osman Koç

 – The Big Picture, Published by: Ars Electronica, 2012, Mentioned work: “Deep Space Music”
 – Commons Tense, Published by: Body Process Arts Asscociation, 2012, Mentioned work: “Corporeal Experiences”
 – Paratactic Commons, Published by: Body Process Arts Association, 2012, Mentioned work: “Corporeal Experiences”
 – Significance of identity and biocultural heritage of mountain landscapes in contemporary times,Published by:Nomadic Art Camp, Bishkek Art Center, Mentioned work: “Personal Tapestry”, Article: “Thoughts on art project , held in Issyk-Kul”
 – Bodies of Synthesis, Published by: Centre Des Arts of Enghien Les Bains, 2009, Mentioned works: “Belly Dancing Kit”,“Living İstanbul”, Conceptual texts: “Belly Dancing Kit”,“Living İstanbul”
 – Interpassive Persona, Published by: Body Process Arts Association, 2008, Mentioned work:“Belly Dancing Kit”