Aaron Swartz is one of the major names that shaped today’s technological world with his contributions in web feed format RSS, Creative Commons licensing, social news website Reddit.com, and many more. Besides his contributions as a programmer and entrepreneur, Swartz was also one of the greatest writers and thinkers of his generation. After his unexpected death at the age of 26, saddening all related to internet culture, left us with many heritages. He has been a passionate blogger since the age 14, where he wrote about variety of topics from digital culture to politics, economics, everyday life, the list goes on.

As an admirer, after watching “Internet’s own boy”, a documentary about Swartz’s life, Osman Koç has decided to translate a selection of his blog posts into Turkish to help spreading his thoughts. The translation currently has more than 17.000 page views, with 8.000 unique visitors, since its release.