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GitHub Universe 2022 Opening Performance


Public Art
July 2020 selection at ZAZ10TS, NYC, USA


Audio-Visual Vertical Dance performance
Commissioned for the opening gala of The Momentary, AR, USA.

Ways of Seeing

Immersive Sound Responsive Environment with AI Powered Self Playing Piano
NOS Visuals X VirtuosoNet, Daejeon Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea


Immersive Responsive Environment
AS-Helix the 5th Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium, National Museum of China, Beijing, China


Video installation
Sónar+D 2020 AV selection, Istanbul, Turkey


Video installation
Explorations in fluidic behaviors

Particle Collider

Audio-Visual Performance
Sound Responsive Environment
NextNow Fest ’18, MD,USA


Audio-Visual Performance
Bodensee Festival ’18, Weingarten, German

The Cone

Interactive Light Installation
Luminary (Expanded), San Francisco, USA