Seaquins from Osman Koç on Vimeo.

Seaquins is a responsive abstract visual environment that is inspired by natural sciences in multiple ways. The building blocks of the visual resemble coins or scales, and even though the way they blend and reflect colors resembles the neck feathers of a hummingbird, the units are actually white. The meandering motion is achieved by a smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation with mild turbulence.

The biomimetic nature of the visuals aims to be familiar enough to relate and abstract enough to be open for interpretation. The movement of the audience is translated into a force field and fed to the simulation via custom software. The world is becoming more and more unpredictable every day. This is a study on the soothing effects of familiarity in biomimetic design and predictability of aesthetic simulations.

Osman Koc: Seaquins – ZAZ Contest from ZAZ10TS on Vimeo.