Reflections of Space Pavilion is the output of the workshop that explores relations between space and its parameters to create a 1:1 scale pavillion which is in constant feedback and interaction with its surrounding environment. The overall design was developed in scope of effective and selected parameters and their projections in a spatial sense. The concepts of adaptability and responsiveness was discussed with various scenarios and the participants were introduced with different techniques of kinetic systems and sensors. In addition to interactive systems, digital form finding experiments were made in order to achieve a self- standing system that will allow the set of actions that are mounted.

The workshop has been executed by Epitome (Cemal Koray Bingöl, Deniz Tümerdem, Gamze Gündüz, Metin Şahin, Osman Koç) with 24 students and assisted by Mertcan Avcı in 31 August – 9 September 2015, at Bilgi University.

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