If education was only about the transmission of what we know, we would understand the world in no time by reading a dictionary of proverbs. Yet the learning process involves internalization, and the construction of our own version of the truth as we learn general truths. Therefore education demands constant interaction, and a flow of feedback between teacher and pupil. This project measures how long we look at ‘random’ photographs selected by a computer. Data is analysed by various means in order to pick a photograph that will be ‘looked at longer’. As the viewer looks at the photographs, he/she also, consciously or unconsciously, instructs the computer. The computer then seeks to extract ‘meaningful’ data from the thousands of instructions given during the exhibition, engendering an artificial process of education. The project aims to reveal what the final analysis teaches the viewer, and for the viewer’s attempt to derive meaning from these results to form an experience of learning as one teaches.

The works has been exhibited at Vitra Contemporary Architecture Series 3 with the theme “Dreams to Reality”, at Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts.

Credits: Bager Akbay, Candaş Şişman, Osman Koç

LearnAsYouTeach from Osman Koç on Vimeo.