Our relationship with objects and mediums are based on interaction and affect. To design a system that interacts with the user in a medium which is not controlled by the user, not only has the potential to have surprising outcomes since the user is non-initiatively interacting, it also enables the different affective states of the user to manipulate the system during the interaction.

Hyperpresence exploits the suspension of disbelief while watching a movie. The brainwaves of the viewer, while in the state of viewer not user, affects the flow of the movie, thus viewer becomes protagonist at the same time. The choices made between the branches of the scenario depending on the viewer’s affective state adds a new dimension in the relationship between the movie and the viewer/protagonist which results in a customized experience.

Hyperpresence has been exhibited in SALT Beyoğlu as a part of !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival in 2012, and Waves Exhibition in 2015.

Credits: Fethi Can Tüzel, Osman Koç
Special Thanks: Nerdworking, Dirty Cheap Creative

HyperPresence: Telepresence via Quantum Cinema from nerdworking on Vimeo