Ways of Seeing


Ways of seeing (NOS Visuals X VirtuosoNet) from Osman Koç on Vimeo.

Premiered at the “Ways of Seeing” exhibition in Daejeon Museum of Art, NOS Visuals collaborated with VirtuosoNet, the AI pianist developed in Music and Audio Computing Lab (MAC Lab) from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in a unique installation.

A selected repertoire from modern composers (Philip Glass, Olivier Messiaen, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Shostakovich) has been created and played by VirtuosoNet as an expressive piano performance from music score on a disklavier grand piano.

The immersive visual environment, created by NOS Visuals, enhances the audiences experience by enabling holistic perception of sound and visuals, as each visual environment is sound responsive and generated in real-time.



Sym, meaning togetherness, strives to create a holistic visual experience as both performance and installation. Sym utilizes custom software to enable movement to directly affect visual imagery, becoming an instrument through real-time manipulation, allowing for artistic expression and improvisation.

The visual environment creates an immersive and participatory experience, blurring the boundaries between performers and audience, encouraging new definitions of live performance and installation art engagement.

Rooted in discovery and imagination, Sym seeks to bridge the gap between the arts and technology, challenging and inspiring our own passions to create and dream.




Coddiwomple from Osman Koç on Vimeo.

Coddiwomple means “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”, a nod to the wondering brain. The installation aims to create an inviting space for the audience to participate and play. The incongruous nature of the visual content plays with the audience’s perception of scale. The visuals move like a fluid and seeing each individual particle creates the impression of a molecular scale. The fluid responds to the movements of the audience creating ripples, waves, and crashes. The sheen and colors change in accordance with the speed of the movement.
The interactivity in the installation has a sandbox-like approach. As the nature of this fluid sandbox creates a familiar setting, the unfamiliar aspects of the piece prompt the audience to explore the boundaries and different behaviors of the environment. A sandbox doesn’t have rules, a goal, or a winner. It’s sole objective is the play itself.

The installation utilizes a wide angle lens camera to perceive users in a large area, transforming them from bypassers to participants. The camera image is processed via optical flow algorithm to measure the direction and magnitude of movement in the perceived area. Coddiwomple is about the journey rather than the result, thus the nature of the interactivity is similar to that of a sandbox. It aims to create space for users’ creativity and interaction with others, as the ripples they create turn into waves and crashes on the edges with increasing speed in the movement. The speed of the fluids also change their color, therefore the overall imagery gets brighter as the audiences’ movements intensify.

Be Like Water


Director/choreographer Jon Boogz teamed up with creative technologist Osman Koc and fellow movement artist’s Ninja Nao and Tony Turbo to create an immersive experience embodying the great philosophy of Bruce Lee. Lee’s timeless words merge with choreography, projection design and original music to tell a powerful visual narrative of love, unity and self realization. Produced by Boogz Media and Sozo Vision with support from Epson America.

Jon Boogz, Director
Osman Koç, Creative Technologist
Jon Boogz, Ninja Nao, Tony Turbo, Movement Artists
Chizzy, Jason Yang, Music
Cameron McKinlay, Director of Photography & Editor
Alican Afsar, Alec Clawson, VFX
Alpay Kasal, Technical Producer
Ashley Munday, Lighting Technician

Produced by Boogz Media and Sozo Vision

Special thanks to:
Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC
EPSON America