Deep Space Music

Ars Electronica Festival is where you can see the pioneer works in new media arts. Awarded with honorary mention in previous year, Candaş Şişman was asked to collaborate with Maki Namekawa in Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space, where they have the cutting-edge technology for multi-disciplinary projects, with ultra high definition projectors on a 320 meter square surface. As the screening surface also includes the floor, audience is immersed in visuals. Şişman invited 5 creative coders to collaborate in the project, each for a different scene. The performance took place each day during the festival, getting more crowded than before day by day, becoming one of the highlights of the festival.

Art Direction and Visuals: Candas Sisman, Deniz Kader
Creative Coding: Bager Akbay, Osman Koç, Zeynep Nal, Ismail Kasarci, Kaan Kaner

Press: VVVV

Deep Space_Ars Electronica from NOHlab on Vimeo.